A Bridegroom’s Presentation


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The speech is fictitious & a parody of the famous Mark Antony’s speech style in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’. Any resemblance to a character living or dead is merely coincidental. In no way, it is related to my real life!

Friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to marry a girl, not to praise women.
The mistakes that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with me when I was single.

My noble father-in-law hath told you I was a miser:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath I answer’d it.
Here, under leave of my father in law and the rest—
For he is an honorable man;
So are they all, all honorable men—
Come, I to speak in my funeral (marriage).
She was my friend, faithful and just to me:
His daughter, my to be wife, who else?
And my wife in law is an honorable woman.

You all do know that during our courtship
I thrice presented her queenly gifts,
Which she did never refuse
Yet he says I was miserly;
And, sure, he is an honorable man. 

I speak not to disprove what he (in law) spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
During first weekend out, I paid for all,
From supper to fast & her girly nirly wirlies!
What cause withholds you then, to believe me?
O judgement! thou art fled to my in law’s pants!

I will not do her wrong; I rather chose
A dollar & half worth candies for her
To meet her with the cheapest & reddest roses
Not that I counted any money or labour
Let but the commons hear this testament—
Which, pardon me, I do not mean to read—

She never spent a dime on my gifts or treats
Miss calls & empty smiles is what she gave
Does my father in law mention that ever?
And yet, my father in law is an honorable man.

‘Will you be patient? Will you stay awhile?’
On all dates, I overshot myself to tell her this
That, fuel costs were more than ever to return so soon
That, a kiss & a bite are two different affairs
But, for heaven’s sakes, she was her father’s kin!
Hurry to complain & up to bed
Alone of course and without a good night kiss.

Alas, I am out of charges to defend my rights
While I hath gift’d her a 33331/- Rs ring as gift
She left me a smile & talk of some life – long company
Not like Section 2, ‘Offers & Proposals
Wherein with good faith, she revert in presents or kind!
Does my father in law mention that ever?
And yet, my father in law is an honorable man.



The Joy of something !!


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The Joy of something !!

Ram Singh’s dhaba at the outskirts of Vijaywada (Andhra Pradesh).
Oh what a ‘Joy’ it was to go there and find the amazing ambience of ‘Air’, ‘Pigeons’ and well a ‘Well’ !

Funde #08: Being Ethical


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Ethics is the one of the most overrated and undermined concepts in human world. Specially in contemporary times. Why? Well, we are taught about this concept right from the time we are born till the time we have our last breath. We are threatened in a child like way, asked to follow rules so that we do not pose “negative externalities” to others or are not socially undesirable. These externalities are money, pollution, life, or infamy.


But, does it have any effect in pragmatic terms? I am sure everyone reading this would agree with me, but surely wouldn’t accept the fact. NO! Each of us is unethical when it comes to absoluteness of the concept. Our professor, an old experienced man is assumed to be a haggard by most in the class. He talks about Virtue Ethics and Post Conventional Morality. Simply, it means ‘Purusartha‘. But, how can man be such if Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest stands magnanimously amplified?
Since childhood, we speak lies to all our dear and near ones, even ourselves. From cheating in an exam hall, intentional faux pas on people, straddling in business, providing substandard goods and services, siphoning money, inflating bills, etc. I believe ethics shouldn’t be merely complying with the law, which it is assumed to be today. But, I am not being a hypocrite. I understand that people are utilitarian today. Even I am to an extent. And thus, we instead of blurring or erasing lines of ethics, simply displace to miles below the surface.

In our classes in Business Ethics taught by Prof. J L Gupta at MDI Gurgaon, we learn through Role play exercises. There are several great cases or plays and students need to enact them or have role plays in context of the plays. Through these, some simple theories mentioned above are related and the subject is taught. Its fun actually!

Recently, we did an act on TUGHLAQ (written by Girish Karnad). I played the lead of the maverick idealist who wanted to change the world, but couldn’t understand himself. He was a person who considered people as pawns in the great game of greater good. He envisioned greatness and equality, but couldn’t understand simple human psyche. I really admire Mr. Girish Karnad for writing such an extraordinary play. Tughlaq