Well Hello to all…

It seems absolutely alienated if you do not know who i am or how i came about this absolutely dumbstruck idea of a ballyhoo or is it one of those despairing efforts to make friends. Well don’t worry !! Its neither of them.

Thats me !!

Thats me !!

To start with.. I Love Literature.. I Love Music.. I Love Travelling.. I Love to Learn.. and to To Dream.. I believe it all starts with your thoughts.. Ur aspirations.. And the way you absorb..

And For all those fondness and my experiances however substantial or immaterial, nice or bad, adventorous or boring maybe, i would like to explicate, bifurcate, intricate and dilate and all those stuff….

So about myself – I am physically capable to put out a normal bloke… I am into a well to do family with strong values and ethics… Independent thinker… Friends are an Asset…

Hmm.. let you know more as time goes on… Would allow you to unfold the mystery as such slowly..

Well am an Extrovert.. A Buffoon.. Straightforward.. or even a Flirt.. dats upto you to judge.. So go on.. open up with me and enjoy this world of RJR..