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The Shadow and the Transfinite river in the backdrop...

It is only a step from boredom to disillusionment, which leads to natural self pity, which in turn leads to Chaos…

I heard this quote somewhere and don’t care to remember where. Well my End of semester vacations have really turned out to be a Madonna with a cold, sneezing all way through, not getting that chicken soup and above all the soul feels let down. They have really been a spoil sport.. Too long.. Too Void.. Too lazy..

So here I was on a ride to relaxation. The other day when my uncle asked me “Chap, I am going for a meditation and Satsang trip with my friends to an Ashram on the banks of Narmada. Not likely your taste but, care to hop in ? ”. I was more than happy to oblidge. Not for meditation or satsang but a change. We were on a peregrination to a riverside village Charnod.

Of all the experiences I would like to recount my experience of the river.

‘For the first time in my life I had seen something as clear as this… Flowing like wind through the patches of grass.. like the Mane of the Horse in wind.. like clouds that traverse through the astronomical sky. The waves as if mountains formed for a fraction of a second and each chasing the other… So real and yet so virtual.. You could imagine the water gulping air in each of its stride.. and the white foam strewing off into clarity.

As I put my hand into the water, it sensed my occlusion, having a sixth sense as such it changed its itinerary and climbed over and swirved around the arm. Its Turbulence and enthusiasm unwavered. I then put my left feet into the water, “Gosh!! It was cool. How could it keep its cool under a shining sun. By the time I unraveled the question by my logic, my gaze fell on the vortex created at the end of my toe. It seemed so small and yet unfazed by my size. On the other side of the bank I saw women scrubing utensils, beating clothes. Some of them doing the rituals, others douching and first timers trying out different swimming styles. It seemed amusing and at the same time I felt a sudden sensation of Admiration for the river. In that few moments I had probably learned the most puzzling and Byzantine of lessons Nature has in store for us..

I Had Got more than I had asked for.. ” ’