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Hmm.. I have been thinking from sometime where to start? It doesnt happen often when i don’t realise where to start what to say. But alas i got the hold of the Horse’s mouth.

So There and back again. I am going back to the place which inspires me the most. The place i have visited on all the important occasions of my really mumbling, quiescent life.

Tommorow as the clock ticks 5, as the sun gets into a countdown to show itself and as the cock wakes up, I will be on the gas to Nathdwara (Shrinathji).

Going there, waiting in a long echelon of devotees, fighting to have the first glance of the LORD, and actually feeling we are something in this whole lively place called EARTH. Its a Blissful experiance i must say. The environment there is blaringly Peaceful. I don’t know whether you would understand it.

Nathdwara is also in my “Most awaited visiting places” because I get the oppurtunity to enhance on my collection of Keychains(The Story needs justice so next time) and
ofcourse the Fafda kadhi of the place. The Hot Morning Mint Tea followed by melting ‘Poha’ nd finally the Fafda. This is known as FOOD PARADISE….

Chai Garam !!!

Chai Garam !!!

You won’t understand until you experience it. My friend who fully opposes my view says the place is so fussy and crowded, you barely need space to breathe. Maybe, thats right. But i always wonder when i go there, “Why would more than 10,000 people come everyday just to see the half a millennium old deity’s statue.” Well the answer lies in this vivid experience of mine.

“The devotees were just waiting for the slightest glint of movement of the silver made door. All stacked in the Moti mahal. It suddenly opened. A roar erupted,”BOL JAI SHRI GIRIRAJ DHARAN KI JAI !!! and the caravan plundered the floors to enter the room to try and manage to barely if possible get a view of HIM.” There a business man was carrying his Grandson on his shoulders, shouted out the name of the deity. Everyone joined. After that the names echoed the whole place with different names of the deity which would even send sensations through the white marbled linings. After this HE himself is forced to give his Darshan one more time after the partitions is closed. THIS IS THE LOVE & FAITH THE DEVOTEES BRING…”