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22 July 2008. This day will be one of the landmarks in Indian Governance. It can well be probably only the 2nd time in History of India that a PM may get defeated in a Trust vote in the Parliament. Well let me put in my view on it. This past 2 months although turning out to be much boring and worthless but were surely interesting following the daily news on the Deal and the Politics in general.

I have read many views, both supporting, inimical and negation of the deal. And actually surprisingly enough i have been successful in forming my pt. of view. 🙂

Somehow i believe i have managed to almost form a conviction that would impress the BJP, Dr. Manmohan Singh, CPM and my chemistry teacher.

Does India need a civilian nuclear energy agreement with the US? – Prob. ya but not with an Arrogant, Self structured, Hypocrytic and utterly nonsensical administration like USA. The only thing is no one gives a damn on my view. Well its just that its a risky business having US documents in your drawer. They may anytime come up and ask for something !! Having probably plundered most of the Oil countries and accelerating a global Terrorism phenomenon, it is now setting its eyes on an Asian superpower to stand against China and perhaps the most vulnerable soft super economic power like India.

As far as Energy needs and crisis are concerned. Stats show we will be having around 7% of power generation by 2020 from 3.@@% presently. Staking billions and country’s Defence rights is a Blunder. I dread we won’t be in an Invisible debt to US after it. I did read about the Int’l pressure one may get once in a tight situation.

Why is the Bush administration trying so hard to push India into signing this deal? Que no 2. Definitely not to reduce the oil demands. If our production doesnt go up a significant no. in 15 yrs then how can it satisfy their’s at a greater rate ? One important reason may evidently be of the Report card Bush needs to show at the end of his tenure. In reality it doesnt affect their internal system because a very few % of people actually know about it. Its not a big deal there. For us it may be a deal to Self Respect, Self Esteem and Self Confidence.

I also appreciate the the intrepidity of Dr. Manmohan Singh to take such a step so as to go ahead with the deal drafts and negotiations even when he is facing a massive opposition and his chair is in danger. Although i am fully aware this may be a political stunt but in years to come this will be taken as an example. The fact remains, whether it will be remembered as the Government that took the right step or made the Gravest mistake.

“It would be more honest to admit that the Indo-US nuclear deal is a three-in-one document comprising a civilian energy cooperation agreement with the US, de facto NPT and de facto CTBT.” This is what i read in a column of a leading Newspaper. The write up percolates from a Rajya Sabha member. President Kalam is backing the deal. The Govt. has also given Ads in leading papers with the AEC chief quoted saying something very positive abt the deal and motivating people to stand up for it. Thats good. But may possibly and likely enough be vote bank politics.

Mark Twain has wonderfully said, It is better to deserve honors and not to have them than to have them and not deserve them.

So we will see what happens on 22nd. Politics and Governance taking turns it seems but who knows the blanket is still in the air. Anyone can wear it.