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Sitting at the edge of the seat in the dark theatre hall, in a ticket bought for 70 bucks, and ofcourse all the blood sucking, Hooligan but best mates together. The perfect ambience for the movie ‘Rock On !!’. 🙂

As and when Farhan a.k.a Aditya came on the stage, it was as if Marcus Aurillies entered the Battlefield in the movie Gladiator. It was one sort of huge cheer when the songs came on. He is decribed as a very creative Poet and i bet he was. The Lyrics of the songs haven’t been heard anywhere anytime in the Indian Film History atleast !!

rock on ..

rock on ..

Then came Prachi Desai.. She was ”AAAAWEEE”. One of the most spell bounding faces i have seen. She depicts a very innocent and beautiful wife with a Wonderful smile. It definitely makes every youngster think about his future wife or present or past love. (And ofcourse the fact that she’s from Surat, my present home city 😉 )

Arjun Rampal a.k.a Joseph Mascarenus. He is an awesome Rockstar in the movie on the stage and an Iceberg of a man off it. A complete familyman with values to fight for and a completely naive sense of marketing. He is a person who gets nostalgic many times and brings in the element of sentiments into it. Though not as cool and relatable to our genX (And nt a fav of my frndz as well.. ) Bt did a gr8 job.. Best acting by far !!!

K.D , Rob and Debi are too captivating with their cameos. I particularly Liked K.D’s character who is so Fun loving and cool that he completely makes a very tense situation damn funny! Rob on the other hand keeps one on the edge of thoughts. His act is commendable.

You just don’t seem to get over the Electronic Guitars.. the dressing.. the house interiors.. Farhan’s poetry.. Arjun’s Simplicity.. K.D’s nature.. Prachi’s Sublime beauty and ofcourse the NOSTALGIA..

In short i felt DCH has got a rival !!! Brings out all the nostalgic friendship moments.. If not that, it does make you feel, “Yaar..I would really do that one day !!! “. Though behind dch, its absolutely worth watching twice or even thrice for freaks and music maniacs.. (Including me!! ).