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Friends n Canteen


Its something sort of strange to narrate a daily experiance of an SVNIT’ian. Its almost typically same for most of us.

Apart from the usual late waking up, long breakfasts, Lan Gaming and nonsensical time passes in the hostel which i would have rather bugged you with or you would have guessed, its something i always wonder on.

Whenever i come out of the hostel.. Whenever my classes get over.. Whenever one comes from some outside work.. or even when really alone and bored, There is always a quantum of solace you find in CANTEEN.

Its not that great in architecture and wouldn’t account for luxury or even facilties. But the menu it caters and the quality are both A1. The room is always full of energy as far as i have seen.

As i pass through the entrance and into the room, all can see me (not saying i am interstin or a celebrity.. People dnt give a damn wat i do! ). And then we have a big open veranda type platform with few tables and floor to sit in groups. Its like there’s always a space and place for all to fit in. Peace and privacy are two terms you don’t generally relate to.

Till now its been very special for me. My first  interaction sessions were there. My group meets were there. My friend group talks and all bakarisms there, Eating out with no ‘sharm’ and with full enthusiasm, shouting and cursing on the top of the bloody voice have been a sort of flavour of it.

Whatever you do… You never really sort of ignore the buzzing and lively Canteen… Even if you say we don’t have any other proper place to hangout (which is true actually!) or that all kind of public comes over, Its got to be among the best canteen’s compared to many reputed colleges. Or even if it isn’t it still remains and hope it will close to my heart.