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Its the season of Monsoon. Its time of rains, The Romantic drizzles and long walks. Its time of Bhajias with Tea. Its time of bunks in the classes. Well .. Not exactly. The rains have been rather too untimely or i should say as a Surprise package. Tormenting most of the times and keeping us pleading in the rest. The walks and Bhajia’s are not a part Reality such. Its only in Non fiction. 😉

The season of Fests has arrived in the college and so have the exams down poured. As if the last one wasn’t enough for my abysmal performa, this one promises to bring in more challenges. Apart from these hiccups, the one thats quite worrying is that Navratri starts from tonight and we aren’t getting into the groove this year !!!!! I wish not to show my disappointment further.

Hmm.. Ya I'm fine..
Hmm.. Ya I

But today’s topic revolves around the latest buzz. Every seventh person i see or talk to has fallen a prey to the tricks of Hygieia. Well i mean so many people around are getting sick. I remember my mother telling me on every other call to take care of food and health. The strange thing is you realise its true when either you or some dear one makes the Medicines a best friend. Well I got to know the other day i was having some junk in the canteen that Shivani had just procured Chicken Pox. I thought, Hmm.. wait a minute, “Sure !? I mean that’s .. Shock..  “. She said,”You think its a Joke ?”. Then sometime later after I had some insight into what happened, I realized what once someone said about keeping your surroundings clean and taking care of the diet. And i said in my mind, “Hmm.. Is it fine? ” 🙂

Back at home during the weekend, it was kind of funny when also saw my Papa(Grandfather) having viral and listening to the whole vocab of Maa(Grandmother), which he normally allows to transmit through the ears to and fro with an efficiency of 100%. It was still awkward eating street sold food. Hmm.. Yeah, Its fine !!

Coming back to college i came to know that Sharmin too had been a guest to the doctor from a day due to one of our most vivid, agile and multipersonality companion MOSQUITO. She was down with Malaria and almost half the College had asked her health. Lolz… This had honestly created quite a buzz. Seventh Day Adventist hospital has now officially become a place where no. of SVNIT visitors are highest than any !! One more hangout place in the list of few illustrated places in Surat. Hmm.. Yeah, that’s fine !!

As the day passes Papa and both my friends are by God’s grace recovering quickly. I wish them good Health as well. But the panic of the season and health care has got into the minds of all. Someone came to my room and told last night, “Hey please tell them to do Fogging !! Who knows machchar ki Jaat ka.. ?!! “.While some including myself are taking care to take proper bath and wear pants in place of normal shorts and boxers, i wonder the Hostel Office to come up another seminar on Health care and the Hon. College authorities putting up strict rules for students like the walkers. Its quite a possibility till the season becomes awry but till then we have no option but to say, “Hmm… Yeah I’m FINE !!