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“Ae Charlie! ‘eard o a place named India??”

“Ya saw that Sachin chap ol, playing for it!!  Guess it’s a country in the East.”

“Oh ya tat short fella’. He’s got sum talent ther.

“Ya E’s got a gift of putting that bal anywhere in Lord chester’s field. Hardly eva seen summon after our donny and Allan marshal. I wonder how much to bet on the team?! ”

“Well i’l bet he’s better than Chelsea this year and brings home the cup!! “

“Bloody ruddy tough one.. You’re on.”


At 16

At 16


Well its completely dramatical what’s been an illustrious journey for the sport Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar, the same chap from Mumbai who started his cricketing career at age of 16, far younger to even shave, and 19 years hence remains the King of the sport.


17 Oct. ’08, Mohali : He raised his bat to become the highest scorer in both the formats of the game, to pen his name for the top 4 records in the game. Not many are near behind him and certainly not ahead of him. At a time when I am being nerve nailed to the point due to my performance in exams (a home made phrase of my own ~ given to think of myself of myself), and not so nice a time to say frankly, I still cannot express my reason to rejoice the expression I saw on his face on the Tele and what gave me seeing my Hero. It would although be impossible to note down his forte, rest assured the details. It would perhaps take years if am not wrong for the World of cricket to get over the loss when he retires. Which I am happy it isn’t hovering above his mind like nargles !!



Well like most outstanding personalities he has the immense ‘talent’ and the zeal to do what he likes, his fighting attitude. But what has really taken me into his fan club or what inspires me (to be true to me) is his humility and the passion for the sport. Whether or not he’s the highest scorer or century maker, whether or not he’s the longest playing or highest earning person, he still knows there is no one above the game. This I believe keeps one surviving in long time and inspires to go ahead.

The only one to have the flag on him.

The only one to have the flag on him.


Well there’s lot to learn and apart from milestones there’s lot to cheer about as this person has been perhaps second only to Gandhi in being famous even in every nook and corner of the Earth, whether the English lower, Scottish majors, Finnish bars, Australian ranches or among the huns. I wont be surprised if a few suggest him an honour of Lordship in near future. The only difference is, as an English columnist said, he doesn’t wear dishcloths as Gandhi did.