Come Diwali… and we were at homes with our families and friends lighting up the houses and celebrating in the usual spirited way. Come Exams and we were drawn and torn into into its preparations post diwali onwards. Last fortnight was , well quite a non restful or in simple words too tenseful.

As far as i was concerned it wud better to regard the exams to be just about over for me. Hmm.. Ya just about over and gone packing to a very far away place.

Now its End sems at homes and for some visiting places. Well lots happening around. For starters we eating real Food, sleeping properly, roaming around with friends and at home towns and specially eating real tasty and Good food. Hmm.. Ya eating the food is really essential !! 🙂 . And yeah thats about it this vacs.

For those wondering where are the all the sparrows which used to fly along the vacs with me.. Well am feeding them too and they seem to be sleeping a lot. !!  🙂 .

So its Hibernation all along and dear Health sitting along me watching the fav tv series. To watch tune into “ravijr.. DING DING.. The Days of my life”

😉 Cheers. TTYL