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“I want to tell the oldest democracy and the largest democracies of this world – listen to us, learn from us. We have experiences to share with you”- Pakistan prez on 27th Dec, 2008.

I wonder what does Mr. Asif Zardari would be thinking presently. I remember he gave an interview almost a fortnight ago with Karan thapar( a columnist for www.hindustantimes.com) in ‘Devil’s advocate'(www.ibnlive.in.com) and he showed quite firmness in promising International community not once but almost thrice that he wont hesitate and would comply into working with India honestly in eradicating any Terror groups on its soil if evidence was given.

Hmm.. I think Our Govt. has provided many a proof to Pakistan and other major agencies about groups involved from Pakistan with US and Russian intelligence both affirming the acuteness of those proofs. But I perfectly can understand Pakistan not accepting them. Having had nonresonating views between different parties, few media channels and sections of society it finally decided to isolate itself from facts shown and protect its ego cum only lifeline of ISI governed bureucratic-military governed structure again.(Do have a look at this article from TOI on 25 Dec ‘Kayani the real power wielder‘)

Gen Ashfaq Kayani

Gen Ashfaq Kayani

Another point that surfaces out is that eventually its Army that has and is possesing power in Pakistan. Gen. Ashfaq kayani is rated among the top 20 most powerful people in the world by Newsweek and have few strong words to describe him(Top 20). Presently there are around 20000 soldiers along Indian borders with its nuclear power ready and PAF already raiding the skies over civilians creating the war environment among them. This is not for us to get excited about or fear. As far as i am concerned or you be, be rest assured that Indian soil is safe and no civilian ought to get hurt. I wonder if they are too eager for war ! !

The fact remains Pakistan having fenced Kasab’s village, bound Geo tv, (the one who had done the sting operation on kasab’s family at Faridkot), failed to arrest Masood Azhar and other wanted terrorists, still not impeding to ban Jud and more so diverting international attention by wily, preposterous accusations and tantrums. India and international community must now be aware of its wrong and sineous behaviour from events taking place since 1971.

A few words….

For Pakistan — ” Don’t take the wrong side of the argument just because your opponent has taken the right side.”

For India– ” The Unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Don’t hit at all if it avoidable. But never hit softly if hitting is inevitable.”

Lets see what tides tell about this tale. But one does hope that people the wall beyond do look at us with reverance and act obligingly and honestly.