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A College is an institute where education is given. Think of the places we study at. Some of us study Engineering, understanding the funda’s of industry and learning the science of survival with the fittest of competition; Some engross their minds in Arts and humanities, giving the edge to their creativity, cultivating their opinionated ideas and perhaps taking forward the legacy of different literary and colorful cultures of the world. While some extract the juice of economics of markets and model the administrations of business as well as governments across the worlds.

But then there is an essential part to college life other than what oxford dictionary says. Its actually a journey from our from ambitions to realizing them in true sense. Its actually that search inside oneself of what he/she really aspires to do. Its the search for love for some. Its the best factory for producing real friends. A place where we understand the meaning of group work. Perhaps see fights, enmity and rivalry for the first time. Perhaps even the politics at a certain scale for power and friendship.  Of course it would have been a common occurrence and recurrence of regular sentimental messages on your cells off late. But my topic actually doesn’t trigger that nostalgic sense of thinking. I am trying to bring out the importance of Student Unions.

These are official or unofficial student groups per university or colleges which are by the students, for the students to cater their needs and demands and avail necessary facilities by interacting with the administration. This is a global phenomenon. Even in India there are some on national level and mostly university based. ABVP(Akhil bharatiya vidhyarthi parishad) and NSUI(National students union of India) are national based which take part in elections whereas Delhi University Students Union is perhaps the largest comprising all colleges of Delhi University.

The Importance as i should explain lies in the following aspects related to students. 1. They are the main organizers and look into the work of many an events held in colleges as a part of curriculum.  2.  They report of any problems in colleges faced by the students and get the administration to work on it. 3. They are pro active such that they induce energy into the campus and make the living very enjoyable with regular entertainment and learning oppurtunities. 4. Its the basic model for any organisation. To have competition and have a leader.

Yes maybe unions prove to be violent in many cases, take power and misuse it, but then that is because they have got a lot of liberty or sense of casualty. You need to form an effective way to select them or elect them in a better way.

Now coming to the hitch. I believe its really necessary to encourage them. While some colleges do not feel  the necessity for such. It actually prevents the students from first hand experience of many management skills and doesn’t encourage them to take  up administration work or politics for that matter in future. While others do instate a student union, but do not accept their election but selection on Merit. This is actually not the measure of a stable student cooperation. The good administrators may not be allowed to come ahead. What happens in turn in discontent among people and reduction of interest among people for administration or politics. The events and unity suffer which is a strong observation. Many a time even the timing of these is important. You cant form them at the end of a year, neither can you do events without months of planning and hardwork.

Well unions like ABVP, NSUI are too active. They fight elections and are recognised at national levels. DU elections are the most interesting times in DU.  My college gets to have its Union comprising of academic geniuses who have greater memory cells, of those whom many dont know and arent introduced till the end of year even. Events are not planned till the last moment because they also lack either experience or do not get support from establishment. This is, my friends not how Unions must be treated. An able, proactive leader is what a college needs with full support from faculty.

Furthermore, we shouldnt forget,

A College is effectively a prototype of the meticulous, competitive world out. If the model works well, only then would plans or designs succeed. “