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Come 27th and we are celebrating our Hostel day. Yes this probably would be the end of my journey as the Joint Hostel Secretary of H8. Tagore Bhavan has always been and will be an enigma for me. Right from the initial deal of fitting 360 students when the capacity is 190 to dealing with such an enormous crowd of people, a batch of people who comes from various backgrounds, religion, castes with different life styles and tastes and with different temperaments. It has always been an enjoyable challenge.



All in all it has been a journey i would never want to and will forget. I have learned so much as time has passed, made many new friends, had weirdest of experiences and most of all I believe I have had the experience to affect the lives of 400 people. If somebody asks me what would be the most memorable thing this whole year, then i would instantly say that the power  to administer such a big place, manage 400 guys and then doing it for their improvement and welfare effectively would have been my greatest joy. There have been times when we faced many a difficult situations, like water problems, mess menu, health and hygiene issues, minimising the food tarriffs and ensuring them to be lowest in the whole campus and for that matter still maintaining that interest among the batchies. We tried our best to ensure the above problems.

The other problem was the prejudice with which we came into the hostel and took up its charge. The hostel since its inception had had the image of an unruly place, a place where nothing would go good or successful, be it the last years or the year before that Hostel days, be it last years sports events or even the caretakers it has got. We had an uphill task of transforming the image. Well one thing i would definitely say about my whole experience is that we surely did change the mindset of the people towards TAGORE BHAVAN. We were hosts to some of the most successful and famous events throughout the year, be it the Ganesh Utsav, Kabaddi tournament, kavi sammelan or even the forthcoming Hostel Day.

Yes, today we get into the groove to celebrate our Hostel day. A day almost every other person in the hostel is looking forward to. As i sit and write about it, i havent slept since the last 2 days properly, havent taken bath in the morning today and anticipate the event to start in a few hours. I still write here to express my excitement and my feelings on how special this year has been. Wish me Good Luck. Its time for R@zzMaTaZZ.