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I sit today completely relaxed and yet all tensed. Oxymoron’s lesser usage is increasing day in and out in my life.
Hostel Day ended amid all excitement and probably success with around 700 people as guests to our hostel. It was a night and a year to remember. 🙂

Then Cafe day Xpress deal was made through through our constant pecking on the authorities and all the lateness into it. It finally promises to open up before the exams. Lets Hope so. 😉

Mindbend and Sparsh ended with all those things you expected and lot without them. It was any ordinary experiance of 4 days, with a lot of overrated propositions that came crashing down and have perhaps hit the committees and faculty hard. But, on record books it went all good, so hmm… the system’s there to stay. blah blah… 😦

Then again FAREWELL… If one asks you to gulp down some beer, a peg of vodka, a sip of champagne and tinge of lime to bust them all and yet you are unable to control your heart beats touching up 200 bts, then one has to conclude it should be a dramatic day(& night!!! ). It was one of the most memorable days if i had to describe in a sentence.

The Institute magazine promises to be exciting this year round, and thats because i have prostrated myself for it to go through. (Lolz.. not the literary meaning though). But, ya the sec. has definitely squeezed all the work he could out of me, from 2 hot, sunny days for photo sessions, to late night editing and writing of articles, to some travelling for prod and distribution. I guess, i really need to tell him to mention special thanks to me in the name of the committee.

Finally, all that the other things are over, i get on track to do for what i am here for. The End sems starting in 10 days and i am at the floor of the building, still waiting for the doors to open. (Dont know what that means, but hope you get it :))
Wish me Luck! Specially after last semesters debacle. 😉