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We all have read stories in our school regarding cleanliness, we have learnt from our teachers not to litter or throw garbage and we definitely have heard that India, and ofcourse of our cities are the dirtiest places to be seen, and the people spit, litter and pee on the nooks and small corners if not the general roads.

Well on 4th June,2009, the AMC (Ahmedabad municipal corporation )took up a big endeavour by answering to the hues and cries of the uncleanliness and health problems in the city by introducing a mobile court alias a Court on Wheels.

Court on Wheels

Court on Wheels

It supposedly is the first step to bring up a 100% clean Ahmedabad and induce the feeling of responsibility among the citizens. It covered three major areas of Ahmedabad on thursday, catchin around 115 individuals, some peeing, some spitting, some wayside foodstall owners: responsible for littering and others to learn. The bus operated from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm.  It fined rs 50-500 for the fines and gave them warnings with receipts for the fines. The city majistrate and three constables were on the yellow van, specially modified with a single room.

It results from some hardwork put in by the team of the Mayor (‘Kanaji Thakore‘) and the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (‘D M Patel’) and the Municipal  commissioner (‘IP Gautam‘).

Ref: Ahmedabad Mirror, 4th june 2009.

Mobile Court

Mobile Court


Well its a great start. We can definitely be in the lines of cities like Chandigarh, Jamshedpur and even Surat (it is clean!! ). We still need many more of these and if possible the courts should also assess cases of smoking in public areas.

But wait on. Ahmedabad is sure trying to become more responsible alongwith becoming a mega city. 🙂