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Its n end to d vacations. In a few days i would b bac to d old perspiring and humid climate of srt. Bt aftr two mnths of absolute boredm nd virtual sense of nothingness frolicking around my invisible aura wich in itself is shrinking with d passing day, i feel a sense of relief tat m gng bac.

Ftr 1 yr experiencin d ride of d roller coaster of ‘acads’ n seein it ever so gng down, i hope to perform b8r.  Tis vac ws a sort of packd wid events like family occasions(nt all so rejoicing) nd sum trainin. Bt as far as i cud sum it up. It ws a waste!!

Bt focusin agn to next 5 mnths. Hv sum plans n things on mind wich i wud pretty jaldi share wid u. Ofcrse d ‘Einfo Impts pgm‘. Hope it goes wel. Furthrmore i put up this advertisement wich is an irony of wt wrth ws my 2nd yr ::

‘                              Wanted

A Room partner for the III yr in Hostel 9.

One who bears this eccentric guy, with guarantee of good night sleep and assurance of maintaining the room clean.

No problems with tampering and Girl issues and definitely not a GAY.

All expenses to be shared and promise for fortnightly parties in CANteen.

Contact- ME for details or comment on this post.

😀   ’

With this i sign off.. Chao and see you on the other side!! 🙂