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First time in my life have i seen someone plundered like this!! It’s 1.20 am in the morning and i just returned from Pada’s home, of what was his Kickass day. 🙂

Miraj today turned 20. Miraj 10 days ago procured a bandage on his left elbow for a minor bone crack. And Miraj today will never forget how and where all did he bath. 😀

It was Samit, Dhaivat and Anand alongwith Ruchik and Me at this midnight bash. The friends had brought a nice tasty cake for the food buff Miraj, who looked pitiable in his bandage and yet cheerful. He fully anticipated mischief and was not let down. He just wouldn’t stop laughing!!

Miraj .aka. Venu .aka. Pada

Miraj .aka. Venu .aka. Pada

So after cutting the cake by the finger and ‘ijjhat eating’ where we actually ate the wonderful cake, including miraj, we got down to business. We pasted the cake on his face… Not only that we pasted it where ever one could imagine.. And please have a wild imagination!! 😉 Next out of nowhere the juggernaut of the day- Anand, who had brought a bottle full of ‘Rim jhim’ gola water, alongwith several packets of ‘flavored Gutka’- PASS PASS and all stirred and cocktailed to give him a nice shower!!! One couldnt stand the smell much then. So after some 20 min of nice bath, ‘Venu’ joined all to have a pic session and finally we were off to home. It was some laughter riot we had today, perhaps the most in recent months. I had the best masti in a long time… and got the actual feel of the people so famous, Samit, Anand and Dhaivat.

** Not to forget, the trio dragged him to Manekchowk for a midnight drubbing, which samit said would be more costlier than Bhagwati’s 199/- per head dinner!! Imagine the guy claiming to eat worth more than 200 alone.!! The account of that extraordinary experience next time with exclusive interviews from the trio! **