“Hey.. What’s your elective?” asked Palz. ‘MinM‘ said i (pronounced as it. actually M&M). And then gave a thumbs up, she gave a snigger and i guided myself into the class.

Mr. Hemant  Bulsara is our Marketing Management (M & M… Lolz.) lecturer. One never forgets the person once he/she meets him. He never lets you do so. So its our 5th sem, elective as we spell it “MinM”. The Kake’s, the jubin’s, the subhash’s, the ali’s and other 26 future management students(supposedly!!!) apart from me have decided to follow Buls’ lectures this time.

Well, Its not that simple being an audience in this class.

“A paragraph should be like a lady’s skirt: long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting.” Perhaps this and the fact that “Handling Mercury is a tough job!” best describe what are classes of Management and Bulsara in general. Today’s was even more of it.

Sitting for a double lecture, waiting to study some jargons and funda’s of marketing and management techniques, hoping for first hand or even anecdotal experiences, bearing the brunt of being people bold enough to hear him and nodding to all what he would say, We Did It All!!! And then i made a decision to describe how his classes are.

Its like sitting in a boat, riding into a sea, with shores far off, abyss beneath, scenic sun and sea ahead with lots and lots of water. Its like we are somewhat locked in our seats in this ride, with probably no idea of the timeline, with perhaps no sense of limits, and perhaps no idea how we going to travel. Its definitely like having an excellent and yet erratic guide aboard, with his amazing words and talks, with impulsive, fragile and sharp emotions, with surprising sense of humor and perhaps a knife on the mouth’s edge, words flowing, all bare-brutal and ruthless. You just cant stop evaluating what he speaks, whether its good, very bad, unwanted, stupid or an amazing thought. People always find him Loud after a while or for that case, few even find him repulsive. But somehow i always had this sense of admiration of his knowledge. He always seemed to inspire me. Perhaps in more indirect ways then direct but surely yes.

But i must say.. the lectures he gives are like a ride in a roller coaster. I certainly mean so for it makes us feel the rush. From good anecdotes, to personal attacks in generalization; From sarcastic humor to sharp comments and pinpoints; From great case examples to offbeat and uncommon wayfarerness; and finally From friendly honest person to self portrayed critic. Its a difficult job being so professional as i try to understand and perhaps for all management students its even more eventful.

So it brings an end to this lecture, all being about what it is being in a Management class with Bulls. 😀 I would definitely tell ahead in future about “” Interesting Management Subjects in my College””.