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My Brother has come home.. 🙂 My brother has come India.. 🙂 My dearest bro is with me.. 🙂

As i sit in Ahmedabad with bro here, who came from London 2 days ago, for a fortnight, and me bunking the whole week, with a special kinda health problem which i have and which i would need to show to the lecturers… ( 😉 )

I was seeing this serial the other day- One Tree Hill and came across this saying from its pilot character, “Most of our lives are a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever.”

Ever had such feelings when you had seen something and felt a sense of nostalgia or a term I call ‘REMEMBRANCE’ ?

Memories down the lane

Memories down the lane

For example, you would remember how you used to jump around in childhood or the grounds or staircases where you used to play, exactly the spots and times of the day. Some would also remember the exact feelings when they would have got hurt or had had a minor accident, some stitches or a fracture; the taste of that nervousness and fear or anger in your mind stays fresh and afloat. What is that feeling? Is it really helpful? Is it Good or Bad?

I feel, its something abstract, just something which has no quantity like Love or Hatred, something which has no Objectivity or articulated value. Infact they are meant to be remembered and felt. They are meant to be revisited and understood from the very essence of difference between now and then, between the times from where we have grown. They are the moments which define Life!

So there again, I was remembering the times of childhood we spent, the events and incidents, good and not so good, and I came across many such. We all do!

I remember my grandmother and her rituals; she’s a staunch vaishnava and a disciplinarian. She hasn’t eaten outside home for eons; she has barred herself from movies and fashion. She is devoted worshiper of ‘Thakurji’ or Shrinathji. Sometimes as I belong to a diff. generation, I find it lame, doing so much so, but perhaps its that discipline and mark of love that defines one to live life without self-interests or lust but that set of memories one had in past.

I remember how I used to play with my neighbour Shardul, how we used to rakhdu-fy till late evenings, some incidents where i would have had a beating or fights, kite flying, pup raising and many such childhood ex’s. Similarly one would remember the tutions; the Farm side ex’s at Rajkot, night outs, etc. ….The list goes…. My first road accident, first time Porno view, etc.. It would wrong if i wouldn’t be honest so incl. the last two ex’s.

Some have this practical sense of thinking or ideology, where in they do not like to drift into their past or even compare it with present. Somehow it makes sense as well. Why to care much about things that do not matter much? Why to repent on things which cannot be changed now? They are right. But again is everything to be seen in objective sense, does everything have to be productive or tangible? And even if one drifts and retrospects into life, it is the sense of closure which must prevail upon him/her, rather than avoiding the very thought.

Probably this is rhetorical piece of philosophy with no relevance for some and not so commentable topic for others, but I feel its not for a sense of talk but for a sense of understanding.

Today i remembered few momentous times from my past and it helped me feel good. That has satisfied me. I feel Happy. Perhaps tomorrow, i would remember today and have some feeling; maybe happy, maybe not. But i wouldn’t find myself wondering why  did i have, ” Something as Remembrance! “