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From past some months, i am constantly being pulled by this topic on Beliefs, by noone but myself, whenever i come across some writing or view point. So few days ago when i came across this article in the Times about atheism or read one by a fellow blogger, whose writing i am following a lot off late, i felt i am sort of repelling the idea of putting forward my own thoughts.

(…Please ignore my style of long sentence formations…)

I believe in Religion, I believe in God,  I am Vaishnava- Hindu, I feel the need to so and at the same time I feel it advantageous to do so. I need inspiration, I need my Conscience to help me do the right and ignore the wrong. I need to develop my spiritual thought for it would help my mental strength and makeup. I wish and above all I pray. WHY?? BECAUSE??

For all the reasons and some unexplained above…



I do not like people who accept or for that case negate a thought or an idea without any insight or knowledge about it. If believing is based upon blind faith or following then I am Sorry I have got the definition wrong and do not wish to correct it. Beliefs are in real terms based upon your experiences and knowledge. They are a reflection of your mind and personalities. If i say, my motive or purpose of believing is based upon self realization, mental strength and inspiration then i have my own right reasons.

I have friends who are atheists, some who are agnostics and some who are believers; all having staunch or flexible natures, but I always felt its reasoning that justifies once beliefs. All the same, i let them have their beliefs and pray they let me keep me mine, for this matter is no national consensus or a mass propaganda.. Its individual.. Its subjective..

So my message to others… ???

Think and know about what you feel is right. Somethings are above our manual reasoning, whereas others could be understood, but based on entirety of combination of knowledge, facts, experiences and purpose, form your beliefs. World is at the same place it was 2000 years ago in the human thinking index, its just the media and surroundings which have changed and which influence us. Atheists, agnostics and believers existed then, do now and would do so ahead. Do what makes you Happy and Joyous and not what would people think about you.

Be Light

Be Light

Hindus, Muslims and Christians are not wrong in their beliefs, its just that people with more moderate views and more extreme views have grown up and we do not have the complete insight into any belief. There is no taboo now or rather pronounced freedom of thought exists. It is good, for it liberates us, not from reasoning though.

So of all the reasons i believe in it for the sake of knowing it and realizing the truth about my beliefs.

Try and get that and then BELIEVE!!!