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Cycle Donation

Cycle Donation

It all started 2 months ago, in a journey to Rajkot. I was reading how a business professional turned into a social entrepreneur cum worker. It started as a novel piece of story which soon turned into an inspiration and finally into a motive.

I really wanted to do this, i thought. As soon as the college reopened, I contacted RAI sir, talked with an NGO in ahmedabad, got some basic knowledge and finally thought, let me try.

H-8 has quite a few old cycles which have been orphaned by the students who stayed here since the last 2-3 years. Last year, the HOSTEL SECTION had asked all owners to take them back, but since no one claimed, those were prized into the stock of Hostel Section ownership. Since then they have been lying there. Unwatched, unclaimed, unwanted.

So sum all the things up and you see, i am trying hard to accumulate the cycles and finding the students worthy for them. Nirzaree is my partner and she’s being the creative mind behind all. I have learnt many things i wouldnt have otherwise if not for the experience i got and am getting.

We still need the students, although we on the way to know them. We yet to get donations, although the CHW and Rai Sir has been warm and cooperative. We need the enthu and respect which SVNIT and its students lack mutually. Finally, i need this experience and idea to succeed for it will help me form my thoughts

Still lots to do, quite some time before things get materialize and many a stones to turn for the shelter to be built.

Godspeed and Good Luck.

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