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Hey all…

We are less than atoms, I say, because the atom obeys the law of its being, whereas we in the insolence of our ignorance deny the law of nature.” – MK GANDHI.

To be true… I lost touch of myself. The last month or so hasnt been completely the usual in personal neither has it been too remarkable.

I finally achieved what i wanted to since the last 2 months. I feel proud enough to say that in my Engg. life, i have done something substantial and something where i have affected the lives of people. We distributed 30 cycles to the needy students. Repairing most of them and getting several donations, it was one hell of hard time and me altogether being completely single handed in all the stuff. Still i had huge amount of consolation with the support given Dr. Shailendra Kumar and Hostel section in all. I also thank Nirzaree for her support and my friends for their encouragement and ideas at the right times.

Further, i feel the time for me to move on and learn from this thing. This may not be a big objective accomplishment and certainly wont be something in the eyes of the reader from my college, but i would be content with whatever i learned.

Cycle Project

Cycle Project

Secondly, Exams having been postponed due to most unfortunate circumstances in my institute, i offer my condolences and respect for the boy who suffered and his friends and family who would suffer in his absence.

Sometimes, things happen and they arent in the best interest of the mass.
Sometimes, things do not happen and they are in the better interest.
But Sometimes, things just happen and there is no reason or objective from it.

I leave now, for i write in midst of Diwali where my father needs my help and we have lots of pooja and celebrations to do in the family.

To all,


PS: For the less fortunate.. Have a better New Year. For me, I hope for a busier and more successful New Year.