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Liberhan says to a,b,c that,”U, u and u.. were culprits”. A says,’Why is it tat u put my name so late. Tis is wrng. U shd hv chrgd me earlier’.Librhn -“Bt i didnt leak ur name. Nt until m tld. Its sum odr cmplx alphabet.” Othr d-z alphabets say tat find out ‘why now’. B is too old to respond. and C is too irrelevant to spk. Bt meanwhile, M, the captain- ‘sardar’ is out to meet uncle SAM.

The whole alphabet range is ‘helter skelter’.. Is it the evolution of the present day electroral, governance and polity into something, somewhere there is no discipline, or no ethics…


Is this the end of what BJP, thinks its fundamentals are? The end of that revolutionary wave, which although disputable in its ideals as a communally aggressive, which took over the nation for a decade and a half long frenzy. Is it the final blow to the crumbling BJP, or will it in some miraculous way revive it??

India is complex!!!

For details.. zoom into..