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Welcome 2010!

Some term this year as the beginning of a new dream decade, some say its just another year, for some it may be a year of promises, hope and perhaps returns, while some term it as the year that would witness major catastrophes, perhaps wars, calamities and a year that would mark the downfall of humans. Well so much for the conspiracy theories. Have a bunch lot of movies and series on them!! 😉

But, when the new year began, as some of us were taking resolutions, however procrastinated our thoughts were, inspirational our actions were or practical our aims were, we  would witness an era of information clogging and intellect banking. I use the term intellect banking because thoughts are being patented as designs, there are laws to protect the ideas of a person who proclaims it the first to the world. Human mind is growing. Growing at such an exponential rate that we can find ways to duplicate ourselves, feel virtually through senses and love through electronic media. Yet, we grow evermore insecure about ourselves, more hostile towards things we care. This banking, in short its like banking of thoughts, ideas for security, leverage for our worth. I find it funny somehow for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if i claim an idea to be mine, how i can i be sure, no one human history ever had come across it in the past and he/she/they were fools not to engrave their names on this IDEA MEMORIAL! Aren’t we only taking advantage of a better world that was earlier or are we just falling in the line and trying to race with myriad human minds, which although amazingly brilliant, is also very selfish. Secondly, because till now, for whatever thoughts and ideas i used to have about problems and solutions of the world, i  would always be outdone in all the cases. My excitement would always be short lived, the longest one staying  a complete 1 week. Gosh! Is there competition or what! 🙂

Speaking of competition, i remember watching the recent movie ‘3 idiots’ where we come across the topic of self actualization, education system and the immense competition today. It talks about the Indian Darwinian psychology. I had forgotten that we compete with the world right from when we are a small sperm( No discrimination here ! Just a general terminology). Racing with millions of Ravi’s like me, the world sees this Ravi, with bad sense of humor, poor rattufying skills and worse the fitness of the body. 😀 Wo! we start learning before even we are born.

But i am referring to another thing related to the movie. There is this controversy related to the movie. The moviemakers (Mr. X and Mr. Y) supposedly inspired from the famous novel by Chetan bhagat, fail to give him due credit for the film. The author seeing the name at the fag end of the credit line, expressed his discontent and let out the beans that he wasn’t shown the final script. The moviemakers and the ace KHAN lead actor( who surprisingly hasnt even read the book) criticized the author to be publicity hungry and falsely accusing the scriptwriters. According to their account and of the very animated( Mr. X who got too excited in a press conference) they had given due credit to the author with perhaps (speculated) some concession and had offered to show the movie and the script, but then the author was not reachable. Its quite funny, because i dont think the author here would be publicity hungry, as anyone who has seen the movie, knew it was inspired from the book, if not completely derived.


V idiots

Well.. The movie and the book, both were amazing, even if thought apart. Brings out the voices about the system going on since long. Hmm… Lets see how long the drama goes on, but till then lets follow the Indian mentality…. AAL IZZ WELL !!!