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What is it about a Journey, perhaps more so about a destination that intrigues a mind so much ? How do see the world from 30000 ft above the sea?

Is it any different ?        Or rather, Is there anything parallel to it !

While I am overboard the  plane in the high sky, I glide the through the thick spread of clouds, those velvety and smoky traces of bliss, like purest and whitest cotton fur in the midair which will leave your minds and mouths open. I think of those places beyond the horizon, the stars which i can in the day sky, the extreme silence outside in the sky and the  motionless particles of nature hovering above the earth watching from far above the very miracles of life we witness everyday in perhaps the most resplendent manner.

When you board a flight from Chennai international airport going east to Port Blair, you are just aware of the breathtaking experience you are going to have within 2 hours. There, sitting on the compact place flying above 30000 ft above the Bay of the Bengal, your eyes witness the most extraordinary view of your lifetime.

Up in the Air

Up in the Air

The Sea is blue, then it’s green! The clouds are so close to the water surface that their shadows create moving silhouettes on the surface which creates the color contrast on water. A Bright blue sky with the golden snitch like Sun shines like the great ballads of Kingly times and its aura spreading the warmth and glory all across the world. Only when you see the patch of land, a great mass to our eyes and yet a minuscule piece in the massive waters of the Indian Ocean, that you come to sense that what you’re witnessing is in fact a reality. It surely arouses the deepest desires in the hearts of men to fly in the sky above these waters and even for a few seconds, imagine the power of the birds.

Yet, what view we see through our eyes is mystic. “Dangerously beautiful” will be the term i call it now and in subsequent experiences ahead. There is a characteristic charm and mystery in the whole place we see (mind you, and we are still above the land and not yet there) with an unaccounted silence that we feel must reside in those lands. Yet, I receive such a magical welcome at Heaven’s abode, THE ANDAMAN n NICOBAR ISLANDS at its small and yet lovely Veer Savarkar Int’l airport in Port Blair.

Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar

The Andaman and the Nicobar are in all comprises of 572 different big and small islands over the bay of bengal, some 1400 km from Kolkata and approximately the same from Chennai.

Port Blair is the capital of the group of islands with the whole bunch declared a Union Territory.  While you may get better details about the place and locals from the Tourism ministry’s website, it surely is a place, one must check out in his/her lifetime, with the natural beauty and views being compared to the quintessential experiences in the Himalayas.


Part 2.0 :  Experiences. COMING SOON !