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Since the time I came to know about this Television series that used to run in the 80’s in Britain, I have become a fan of it. I thought to myself, “How can someone put today’s issues so wittily and rightly? How can someone present such pertinent issues, theories and perhaps situations in such a satirical and paradoxical manner?”

YES, Prime Minister did it!! Office Office did it!!

But, what is it that they contributed if not just making us laugh or think for a couple of seconds about how bad is the situation of our respective countries, bureaucracy and politics?  Actually, they made us laugh on ourselves! They made us realize how inapt and immoral sometimes … no most of the times we are.

An excerpt from the series (Source: Wikiquote – “Yes, Prime Minister”)

Sir Arnold: So, will our next Prime Minister be our eminent Chancellor or our distinguished Foreign Secretary?
Sir Humphrey: That’s what I wanted to ask you, which do you think it should be?

Sir Arnold: Hmm… Difficult, like asking which lunatic should run the asylum.

Well, speaking in general terms, we are all opportunists. What we do in our daily lives, from perhaps a multinational CEO to a beggar or from Prime minister to the watchman in our society, is negotiating! In one of our excellent communications lectures recently in MDI, we had a role play and a lecture from an imminent management trainee where we learnt about negotiating skills. I wondered eventually after the refreshing exercise that, Well! We do this from morning  to-night. Whether at job, or marriage, whether talking to friends or professors, whether allocating ministries or setting aside funds for welfare schemes or whether getting elected and taking up the top post. We negotiate! We trade! We act as dalals!   And, that is a fact! The only question is whether you are man( or woman) enough to accept it!

Well, negotiation per se isn’t wrong. In fact, we need it at every step in our lives. I am not an idealist!

But, it’s when it’s about our morals, when we hold a responsibility towards another stakeholder, and we compromise over that responsibility for any reason that we are wrong!

There are innumerable quotes and sayings to make us feel inspired and good, for that’s what they do. They are lame sometimes, when frustration and desperation have reached our doors. They sound shallow, and so do bleak – lone examples of great people who shone through their dark days. But, isn’t it the way it has always been ?

What I want to ask is that, didn’t someone stand up sometime or the other right from the inception of the society against the wrong? Yes, someone did! And then there was always a tide of change.

We, Indians are standing in midst of another such tide. We need a leader, a change to bring us that hope. We need someone to make us retrospect. We need someone to tell us that ‘bhai sirf sirjee, ya 3G, chalo jee nahi chalega’ !!