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We hear a lot of Funde from people around us. We read them in papers, books and at least observe them while watching our parents, peers and guides.

This ‘FUNDE’  series is an initiative by me to express my views on different theoretical faff we come across, let’s say for example the different management concepts in a way I believe the world take them. Also, I have been suggested to be more creative and write my own stuff. While I try to do that, I shall also post some articles which are sourced and I come across.

Listen ahead to know.


FUNDE #01    


A manager who had just returned from a motivation seminar called an employee into his office and said, “Henceforth, you are going to be allowed to plan and control your job. That will raise your productivity considerably. I am sure.”

Will I be paid more?“, asked the worker.

“No, no. Money is not a motivator, but a mere hygiene factor and you will get no satisfaction from your salary rise.”

Well, if production does increase, will I be paid more?

“Look “, said the manager, “you obviously do not understand the motivation theory. Take this book home and read it; It explains what it is that motivates you.”

As the man was leaving, he stopped and said, “If I read this book, will I be paid more?

So in the end, one must understand that a hungry man doesn’t care whether there’s proper dressing on his food or whether the curry is pink or light red.

What's Motivation

What's Motivation

 (Source: Stories from here and there  by Mr. Sunil Handa)