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Our Physical exercise trainer in Prakash (Ahmedabad) was Mr. Chauhan aka ‘Chavanni‘. He had a hawaldar look himself. He would walk like an army officer, climb on a podium or a stone kept on the play ground and shout out loud for all to hear. There were specific words he used, names he used to call out and style with which he uttered them( I wouldn’t use the word pronounced ) that he would seem … Er.. SPECIAL!

According to him, every boy making a mistake was a  “Budhu Boay!”. A girl named Monisa would be called as, “Moan – ee – Saaaa..” I for one had a name, “Radhan PURAAAAA”, emphasizing on the latter part as if I was half empty! WTF. We even had superlative degrees of curses “Badde Budhu & Chotte Budhu“. So amidst all of us “Budhu Boays and Budhu girls” he found solace! And the most important contribution he made to our lives is the memory of those periods. This is what my blabbering circles around today. The term we know as ‘Com-uni-ca-son’ or Communication.

What is common between Lawyers, Actors and Artists? What again separates them from the aam janta?
Well, if its still not clear then why are advertisements of IDEA cellular, Airtel( the silent movement one) and actors like Shahrukh khan involve us so much in whatever they say or enact?

They are good Communicators.

Recently my Business Communication professor asked the class a pretty mundane question. What’s the difference between talking and Communicating? Hearing and Listening? And for a while, I was stumped back. It’s such really basic things that generally floor us.
Communication in a much decoded language, a way of effective speaking and listening so that the right message is passed on to the right target through the right medium. So why the gyaan? Well, exactly the point. In this age of fast typos, fast talking, decisions, actions and eventually reactions; it is imperative for each entity present to communicate better. We face problems related to effective communication everyday. We as a generation feel the over simplification of its usage, but it’s equally more difficult and risky. Today, I get irritated when my father asks me to sit and talk to him for a while. We friends prefer chatting, or perhaps emoticons to express ourselves when we used to talk for hours or meet up few years back. It’s difficult for a guy from lets say Armed forces to adjust in an MNC where his group is probably half his age. We have had or shall have dilemmas in our companies related to stigma or stereotypes, of discrimination or compensation. Countries today face crisis because they could not communicate their action or inaction well with their people. The four pillars of democracy as we understand blur out their demarcation and play each other’s roles to the nuisance and hindrance of the whole system.

So, going back to Chauhan sir, or for that matter Lalu prasad yadav. They speak. They put across their point and we are entertained or hindered because of it. Eventually their talk sticks with us. But, do they communicate well??
NO. With due respect, whatever their intentions, they simply make a mockery of it, to make it interesting.

Kinesics, Proxemics, Haptics, Chronemics, Paralanguages and Chromatics are some really important jargons which exemplify the relevance of Communication. We are all enthused when we watch a Shiv Khera lecture or watch an Aamir Khan movie. What is it that they do so well, that we get charged up exponentially to supposedly explore our inner self? Shiv Khera charges several thousand bucks to simply talk to you (or a crowd). (Try and watch some of the videos and notice). They all simply talk ! Talk well ! Really Well !
What is it if not effective communication. We have several models like the Shannon – weaver model, the Lasswell’s model or Aristotle’s simplistic model to study/analyse/scrutinize our communication, but the fact remains,

Communication is as simple as breathing if its right, But as difficult to correct as threading a needle.

So, get back to your couches, beds or back to work and just think, (well, not that we don’t) Is this the best way I take my message across? OR Is this person whom we are discussing an effective person to work with?
So since the weed effect in me in now wearing off and I am coming back to sanity, please do not throw shoes or curse me for trying to simplify this funda or bakar on it so much. Because,

Ladki, gaadi aur job lekar hoti hai tension
Ab kaa karoge dene ke liye attention
Bhaiya ji karo thoda Comm-uni-casion!! 

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