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Let me quote a small story from one of Mulla Nasruddin’s experiences.

The issues plaguing the media world are like the story of Mullah Nasruddin who one night went around crawling on hands and knees searching for something under a lamp-post. When asked, he replied that he was searching for his keys. All his friends joined him and when one of them asked him as to spot where he lost his keys, Nasruddin answered: In the house. “Then why are you searching here? Nasruddin replied: Because there is more light here.

We have all been watching how the role of media has changed over time. From being a watchdog in the good grandfather’s era to touching the ambitious vibrant youthful 90’s chord, they have now taken upon themselves to be the so called society’s saviors. But, the fact of the matter is we don’t like the way they project themselves. The rise of exclusivity, pompous celebrations, dramatic presentations, emotional touches to speeches and well forcible creation of fake identities have marred its popularity and interest among the viewers.

The only reason I follow them is that I have no other alternative. Not speaking too much into it as I am no expert, I would like to provide a link to a very interesting articles which may raise serious questions. Given that, I think these articles may play Devil’s Advocate for some, but will mainly bring forth an untouched and uncovered discussion.





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