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In our strategy guest lecture few days back, we had Mr. Sandeep Mann from Remorphing talk to us about two distinct topics. 1. Values & Goals for Companies  2. Innovation & Lateral Thinking. I don’t how much of it I would take it to my grave, but one of the few things I do know is that I found the talk quite different. For starters I also came to know a couple of things about Mr. Sandeep himself. Firstly, he must be a big Edward de bono admirer with the way he talked about him. Secondly, he is no straight forward simple lecturer one would see as he had a lot of patience and new method of delivering a talk. But ofcourse, my batchmates would disagree as most of them were peacefully in their ‘Fortresses of Solitude’. 😉

We did several puzzles as well. Frankly, I realized that perhaps once we get into this study mode in an MBA institution, we do not think creatively much. We do not think out of the box. Surely enough, I know many of my batchmates, who are exceptionally intelligent, sleep in most of the lectures just because they think that the classes are a no value add. Another instance is also the dedication you show to learning. And there too, I felt that as time passes, we turn more and more slack.

Let me just share a small example of 9 dot puzzle as shown below,

Nine dots

Nine dots

If people are asked to connect all the dots without lifting the pen in as many lesser no. of lines as possible, then the best generally they could come up is 5. Now, try and connect all in only 4 lines.


Well, the solution can be seen here..

One could also read about such puzzles here..

Now, I googled ‘Lateral Thinking’ and got interesting information on the concept. This concept is in fact something that is really exceptional.

One of new things he asked us to do is think of our own start ups in Education and mention them here on our blogs. This way we may perhaps be able to think out of the box and try and visualize something not predefined. So, here is my idea.

Exercise 1: Assume your own startup in Knowledge management/ consulting

Name of Company: Motivsoft

Vision: To be leaders/ Pioneers in Intellectual Capacity development in India

Core Values: Constant Innovation, Integrity, Belief in People

Goals (30 yrs from now):

1. To cater to 1 Lakh schools/ institutions

2. To have trained/ lectured 10 million people

3. To be among the leaders in E – learning, Educational training in the world.