Its me

Busting my whole school life for grades and marks along with co curricular activities, I entered into

Its me

Its me

Engineering. What for, I still wonder to be frank. My interests vary to my moods. From nature trips to discussions, experiments to oration, writing to reading (although not only the magazines). A nice interest in music and big time mastikhor. My friends claim, they cannot stand a person with such a bad sense of humor but always laugh on them.

Am not Tall, maybe handsome enough to give a pose of two, and not fair (wheatish + 1 grade). I don’t drink or smoke as of yet and hmm… not planning in near future. Have 2 brothers and cousin sister with whom i have been fighting all life (I wonder how many hair I have lost due to it).

Presently doing B Tech in EC at SVNIT, Surat. I am a mediocre in studies with barely managing average grades although was the 2nd opener of the branch 🙂 Canteen, Room and Drishti are my fav spots in the college with my hobbies ranging from bunking classes to spending times in stupid useless talks. I flirt with these. I don’t think i get on girls’ mind else i would have a diary noting names of my GF’s.

Finally my philosophy is to “Live Life the Fullest and think Ahead.” 😀

This is my Yahoo IM : ravi_soni16…………Google IM :raviradhanpura


8 thoughts on “Its me”

  1. hey buddy ur awesome luv 2 read ur topics so wats gng dis days i never thought u r so much gud at dis ur rock on walla topic is best

  2. Ravi,

    I love your blog! it pretty much resembles your calm side (you hyper active brat!)

    Always proud of you..keep writing little bro 🙂

    With love,


  3. Am in sort of thoughts now .. once you said calm… I wonder if it satisfies the ” me ‘me’ or the one who writes… ‘me’ ? ”

  4. For now the one who writes.. ‘me’..

    🙂 (Y)


  5. Hey
    Great work!!
    Hope I get to read the whole blog sometime soon!

    Parth Sheth

  6. hhehehhe yaa riteee

  7. Well written description of self.

  8. Harsh Patel said:

    I appreciate.

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