MY Bucket LisT

Things i like and dislike; those whom i adore and aspire; those who turn me on and those who don’t…

Its a small wish list if one could say so. 🙂 😀

¤My Planlist:

• To write for the Newspaper  THE HINDU one day.

• To have my own company/Firm and where i make a change to the world.

• To own my own School, where I would teach specialized skills.

• To travel into space by the time I become 65.

• To spend my Sundays at a 25 acre farm, with steeds and hounds.

• To teach out of passion sometime in future.

• To revive my Theatre.. Rajshri Talkies by the time I am 35.

~~ This is what i Plan to do.. Not my Wishlist.. ~~

¤ 5 Movies i like the most:

• Titanic

• Jab We Met


• Godfather

• Taare Zameen Par

¤ 5 Places i want to visit in my life:

• Antartica

• Italy

• Egypt

• Tibet

• Maldives

¤ 5 People i would like to interview:

• Hitler

• JRD Tata

• Swami Vivekananda

• Narendra Modi

• Vikram Sarabhai

(Frankly these are just a few.)

¤ 5 Reasons why girls shouldn’t date me:

• I am Smart and Intelligent  😉   and dont spend much on them un necessarily.

• I criticize the hell out of ladies.

•I can’t understand the normal girlishness.

•I like to eat from my own popcorn. 😀

•I laugh out loud and don’t care to get noticed for it.

¤ 5 Things I am:

• Weird

• Creative

• Hyperactive

• Jovial

• Egoist

¤ 5 Hobbies:

• Journalism


• Being a food critic

• Writing

• Listening Music


4 thoughts on “MY Bucket LisT”

  1. Riki Shah said:

    >>5 Reasons why girls shouldn’t date me

    True for me also!!!

  2. Mithr@ndir said:

    😉 ha ha. Prob for most boys. Just that we show more discipline when with girls.

  3. hemang parekh said:

    hi ravi,
    today first time i see blod site and that yours …
    i study it very well and i like your creative,innovetive writing and ideas.. realy enjoyed…

    and yes from my planlist…
    if you own your school than i will be chief trainer 🙂 (fun) and if i own a school than you can enjoy your wish in it.. ha ha ha… ( lets do one thing will own it to gether 🙂 )

  4. hmm….first of all sorry ..after many months I read your blog..and i ll pray god that at list you sit one your farm..because 4 u it’s not possible to sit idle.

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