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What’s so common between FBI agents, Gangsters, Bankers and lawyers? Or for that case which is the act that arouses people in a much more aggressive way then anger or the urge to sex? Again to be more blunt what is it that people do inspite of knowing that it would take their lives sooner than later ?

One doesn’t need more guesses for that. 🙂

Some how as many movies I have seen, I have noted that majority of the characters who make an impact with their acting and convictions take the help of Smoking as an act or a prop. The history of smoking dates back around 2000 years or so, with cannabis and ayurvedic herbal hookahs being the tools. But the use of tobacco and opium among the other chemicals has been prevalent since the last few hundred years. One does relate the Sherlock Holmes adventures where there has been repeated mention of the opium dens in the later 1800’s and early 1900’s. Furthermore if one sees smoking was once regarded since long an act for both the sexes and in some civilizations it was a mark of wise and experienced people. Today although its paradoxically an act that demarcates the wisdom and weakness.(For reference Wiki).

Bless Urself

Bless Urself

However hard one tries today to create awareness about the ill effects of smoking, capitalism and the minds of people in fact have popularized it even more. As my brother once told me, “If I tell you to close your eyes and not think about a ghost, the next instant you would be.” So instead of giving out stereotyped teachings and writings I would simply try and popularize it. Please do rate my marketing skills as I give an honest try. 😀

Reasons why you should smoke:

Students start smoking out of depression, when things don’t go your way, when you feel too lonely, when there is a huge void of idleness in life an precisely when you’re not feeling happy. So I feel it should be available easily to students with some special student concession from the panwalas. (~Follow~)

Some students start smoking to show off their brawns, their lust and coolness, to show they are dudes. I think it’s the best reason I think one should at least give smoking a try! Women find men who smoke much sexier.

Weed, grass, opium, hashish, cannabis, cocaine these all are hot stuff!! Just imagine, I can fly, swim, tranquilize myself or do whatever I fantasize just from a small doze of it. Just imagine! Its much more than a trip to Disneyland can do and that too can save thousands of rupees.

Kurt Cobain?!? or We?

Kurt Cobain?!? or We?

Its true that in the past many doctors would prescribe smoking to the women during as a safer alternative to control blood pressure. So the and julie’s and shaina’s must have a right to have atleast a fag a day.

The Govt. has recently banned smoking in public places. Such treachery! It should on the Health department’s table as a bill- Right to Smoking. For the

Come on! Have it.

Come on! Have it.

business professionals and workers anyway smoke it in large no’s.

Finally smoking causes many diseases such as Lung cancer, stenosis. Heart Attacks and other chronic pulmonary diseases. This will infact help in controlling the population explosion and help the medical industry thrive. (Anyway in today’s time, people are more business oriented and helps increase the per capita income of the countries. Statistics)

Coming to the analytical facts about the smoking, one pack of 10 cigarettes costs something from 30 rs to 100 rs. The major brands of smoking are, Wills, Camels, Marlboro, India Kings, Bristol, Goldflake, 555, etc. Considering one consumes 3-5 a day, one spends on an average 20 rs per day on it. That is around 600 rs a month or 7000 rs a year. One can definitely afford to spend 20 a day on such pleasure. The only hindering factor would be the recent stats that around 500,000 people die due to smoking related diseases every year or 900,000 people in India but that is not even 0.1% of its total population(Link1, Link2). According to the Harvard School of Public Health , “The tobacco industry has carefully manipulated menthol content not only to lure youth but also to lock in lifelong adult customers in India. Menthol cigarette brands have been rising in popularity with adolescents, and the highest use has been among younger, newer smokers. Menthol masks the harshness and irritation of cigarettes, allowing delivery of an effective dose of nicotine, the addictive chemical in cigarettes. ” Whatever one says, it’s a good sign for the smoking market. ~Top 10 posters for Smoking~

Make it a habit.

Make it a habit.

The World Health Organization (Who?) celebrates every year 31st May as ”World No Tobacco Day”. Such fools!! It should be “World Know Tobacco Day”. 😀

I just imagine the situation like the terminator where like the robots there would be a new dawn of smokers and by 2050 the percentage of smokers and smoking related habits rise as the mercury bar in summer at Ahmedabad. As I put an end to my dream, I hear the song by the Indian band Agni- ‘Sadho Re.. ‘. Go on listen it and Happy Smoking. 😉

As they write in the packets, Smoking is Injurious to Health, don’t be fooled by it because as I said, The greatest way to promote something is to defame it. 😉